3_Things_You_Should_Know1. We demonstrate posing & interaction. You’ll often find us explain posing or interaction at a shoot by demonstrating the instructions ourselves as the example. We believe it helps give you clear direction with the pose, but also allows you to sink into whatever feels natural for you instead of trying to follow too many verbal instructions. You’ll also see how natural it looks in real life. Sometimes only verbal instruction can be hard to translate into a specific pose or interaction that feels natural. We’ll ease your nerves by leading the way so you can laugh at us as we get into position and then you can giggle to yourself when you do it better than we did. ;)

Jake + Heather Photo | Film Photography | North Carolina Film Photographer(featured on: Once Wed)

2. We like to have fun & we want you to have fun. Shooting with us is never something we want you to feel nervous about. Of course we understand the nerves of doing something new for the first time. Maybe you’ve never been photographed professionally and you just really want the photos to turn out great, so you’re nervous about posing right (which we’ve covered;) or maybe you’re nervous about getting your man to loosen up. But we don’t want you to worry, we’ll take care of that. We’re there to have a good time with you guys, not bark directions from behind a camera with high expectations. We want you to feel like you’re on a fun date, we want you to connect with each other, laugh with us, and let us make silly snapchat videos with you! Your images will be the most authentic if you allow yourself to have some fun. :)

Jake + Heather Photo | Film Photography | North Carolina Film Photographer(featured on: Style Me Pretty)

3. We take our time & shoot everything with intention. Shooting film is is something we are often grateful for when it comes to the pace of shooting. There are only 16 shots on each roll of film, so we typically pause every few minutes to breathe, re-load our cameras and change things up a bit. During portraits, it’s not often that there are two cameras on you. Usually one of us is shooting as the lead, and the other is taking a step back to asses the scene without a lens, do some styling, lend creative direction, fix hair, etc. To us, it’s one of our favorite ways to work together to create images. It keeps us from shooting too much of the same thing and constantly exercises our creative muscles to see new things while we’re not behind the camera. It’s also monumental to building trust between each other as we’re often trusting the other person to capture what we might be seeing for a particular shot. We like to call it teamwork. :)

Jake + Heather Photo | Film Photography | Virginia Film Photographer

Now you know exactly what to expect before getting in front of our cameras! We promise it will be a good time. We can’t wait!!