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Many have described our work as relaxed, effortless, unposed and real. We’re constantly looking to capture not only the stunning details but most importantly, the unique relationships our clients share. Our expertise enables us to be engaging behind the camera, encourage interaction, lend subtle direction, create a fun experience, and capture joyful moments unfolding naturally.


Jake is a free spirit, always ready to lend encouragement. Heather is a tenacious dreamer and lover of good conversation.

Together, we are adventure seekers, quality time lovers, and advocates for finding joy in everyday things. We believe marriage is worth fighting for, laughter is the best medicine, and dating your spouse is one of the sweetest joys in life.

Raleigh, North Carolina is home, though our love for experiencing new things has us traveling all over the Southeast and beyond for weddings and for fun. In our free time, you can find us in local coffee shops, on an evening walk, or cooking together in our kitchen with a glass of wine in-hand.


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How do you work as a husband and wife team?

On a wedding day, Heather shoots as lead photographer for the majority of the day while Jake focuses on second shooting as well as loading film & keeping us on time. Every husband and wife team has their own groove, and we have found these roles to work amazingly for us and our clients.

Are you a Fine Art Photographer?

Most people associate “Fine Art” with film photography. And while we do shoot film, we also assume somewhat of a documentary approach as well. Our style heavily incorporates artistry and details, however, it's also very personal with lots of natural posing and joyful moments.

What is the film process like?

On location, we are loading each roll of film into our cameras. After a wedding day, the incredible technicians at our film lab process and scan the images into high-resolution digital files. We then deliver those beauties to you at the highest of quality.

Do you shoot with film and digital?

This is a great question! The answer is yes. We photograph 90% – 95% of the day on film, but we always have a digital camera body on us for times of extremely low light or when it may produce a better result.

Do you travel?

We sure do! We actually travel for many of our weddings. Travel fees are custom based on your destination/time of year, etc. Our most common hot spots are cities on the East Coast and around the Southeast, however no destination is too far!

Do you photograph elopements?

Absolutely! We adore when couples choose a more intimate celebration, whether it's just the two of them or a small gathering with dear family and friends.

Do you photograph anniversary and couple sessions in addition to wedding photography?

Yes! You can view some of our favorite couple sessions in the galleries or on the blog.

Do you photograph family sessions or other types of shoots?

We only have a few spots open each year to accept family sessions and editorials shoots. Please inquire with us directly about your session request.

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