Frequently Asked Questions

It’s common for brides to wonder why having a husband and wife team may be beneficial for them or what exactly the dynamics are like on a wedding day. We operate in a flow that we have found to work amazingly for us and produce the very best images and experience for our clients. Heather assumes the role of lead photographer for the majority of the day while Jake, in addition to second shooting, acts as a supporting role, loading film & keeping us on time.

This is a great question! We are not hybrid photographers. We photograph 90% – 95% of the day on film. We do shoot digital in the case of extremely low light where we are unable to use film.

On location, we are manually loading each roll of film into our cameras. After your wedding day, we send it off to be processed and scanned by our incredible film lab. They work their magic and scan your film into high-resolution digital files. We then deliver those beauties to you at the highest of quality.

The definition of a “Fine Art Photographer” can be very loosely interpreted as an array of different styles and approaches, especially in our ever-evolving wedding industry. Most people associate “Fine Art” with film and we certainly do shoot film. We say call us whatever you would like! Our approach is personal with lots of natural posing and joyful moments. And we use film as our medium. That’s the best way we can say it. :)

We sure do! We actually travel out of state for most of our weddings. Travel fees are custom to your destination/time of year, etc. Our most common hot spots are cities on the East Coast and around the Southeastern, US.

Absolutely! We love them lots.



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